Version 3.0 Preview

Every emoji re-mastered for 2017! Added dimension, brighter colors, greater detail.

Enjoy now with our Chrome Extension

Official release and developer tools (with new 3.0 license) by March.

Firefox 50 selects EmojiOne to power color emoji for all!

Firefox adds built-in emoji font (EmojiOne) for operating systems without native emoji color fonts (Windows 8 and lower, Linux). Checkout the release notes for a complete list of new features.

EmojiOne 2.3 ships with Photoshop CC!

Adobe selects EmojiOne as the first emoji font to ship with the latest version of Photoshop (2017)

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In collaboration with Adobe
New Product
Project B&W Every emoji re-engineered. Same license, still open and free for digital use.
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In collaboration with Adobe
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New Product

Simple emoji copy and paste by EmojiOne™

EmojiOne for your apps, products, projects.

All our emoji are free to use digitally, with attribution. Read license for details.

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Our Mission

“Through kickass efforts (and less screwing around), we aim to push emoji design and innovation to greater heights. We strive for perfection, but never settle for perfect. We invent for the inventors, and we share our product for the simple happiness of bringing joy to others. Emoji expression represents the modern communication of today, as well as the future. It's a privilege to share our beautiful expressions with the world.”

Rick Moby
Rick Moby Founder/Developer

Initial Reactions

Having a completely free, frequently updated, and completely open source set of Emoji is a huge win for the community. We love Emoji One and it’s the default emoji set Discourse ships with!

Emoji One is a first class citizen in the emojiverse. It features a comprehensive set of all emoji characters and is great option for developers looking to include emoji images in their projects.

One of the reasons emoji have become so popular is their ability to let people express themselves creatively in a huge variety of ways. EmojiOne’s new collection, with its modern aesthetic and fun new designs, gives developers – and users – a high quality, free option to get the most out of this emerging language.