EmojiOne is free to use for any digital project. Read below for details.

Open and Free

Open & Free

Understand all the license terms before continuing.

EmojiOne art files are released under the Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) license, with proper attribution required for all digital implementations. In addition to the fun legal code, we’ve also prepared a simple licensing guide to help.



For developers who need quick access to the art files
  • PNG Files 18.7MB .ZIP (updated 7-16-16)

    PNG files in 64x64, 128x128, and 512x512 dimensions.

  • SVG Files 2.2MB .ZIP (updated 12-13-16)

    All emoji in raw vector-based SVG format.

  • Black & White PNG Files 1.4MB .ZIP (updated 10-07-16)

    Black & White PNG files at 64x64 pixels.

  • Black & White SVG Files 1.95MB .ZIP (updated 10-07-16)

    All Black & White emoji in raw vector-based SVG format.

  • Font Files Android, OSX, iOS

    System device fonts, links to our github. See readme.



Complete developers toolkit for advanced users.
  • GearPNG/SVG files (64px, 128px, 512px, and Vector)
  • GearJS conversion scripts (unicode/alpha code)
  • GearPHP conversion scripts (unicode/alpha code)
  • GearCSS stylesheet (for sizing and positioning)
  • GearSprite files (SVG and PNG)
  • GearEmoji.JSON (alpha codes, categories, keywords, etc.)
  • GearReadme with Setup Info, CDN Options, Demos, etc.


Where our assets are maintained and bugs are tracked.
  • paw prints

    This is our NEW repo for the 2016 collection. Star us, Clone us, Fork us!

  • paw prints

    Report and view issues or requests, both art and code related.

  • paw prints
    Scripts / Demos

    Where we go to tinker with emoji-related scripts. All free, open-source.



Known products using our new 2016 Collection.
Coming Soon

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