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16 Answers Updated Dec 16, 2015
What is the main purpose behind Emoji One?

To drive new emoji development and innovation forward :) Emoji One filled a unique gap being the first complete, independent, open-source emoji set when it launched in September 2014. We started this venture for fun, and we learned a lot along the way.

Our passion and appreciation for emoji continue to grow. We re-invented our entire set based on our experiences over the past year. The 2016 Collection is our big push forward to leapfrog any other emoji set that exists today. Emoji One has positioned itself as the most innovative, modern set of emoji.

Our independent status in the industry allows us to provide the quickest updates, the best-looking artwork, and stay on the cutting edge of what people demand from their emoji. We come in peace, we come with love, and we’re here to kick some ass in the process.

How do I enjoy Emoji One on my device?

Emoji One 2.0 (2016 Collection) became available on December 17th (2015) to developers.  We’ll be working hard to get our new emoji both on the web and available to mobile devices asap.  Sites such as and have supported Emoji One since the beginning, and should see an emoji collection update soon.

For the first time, Emoji One will be releasing our own line of apps:

  • January 2016, Chrome/Firefox web browser extension.
  • March 2016, iPhone Instagram app.
  • Mid-2016, Android Instagram app.

We need your help to bring Emoji One into your devices as a font!  Emoji fonts are currently locked by operating systems, which don’t give developers or consumers the ability to choose their emoji.  As consumers, if we speak loud enough, OS and device makers will listen.  Awareness through social media is our most powerful tool.  Spread the word of Emoji One (use #iwantemojione) and let the powers know we want our freedom to choose.

What are the fundamental differences between Apple’s emoji and Emoji One?

We love Apple for their products and innovation. There’s no denying Apple brought emoji into our digital lives and, even beyond that, into pop culture. However, while they’ve added new emoji as required by Unicode, their artwork has remained relatively stagnant over the years. In addition, there is no current method to license their artwork for use on any products outside of the Apple ecosphere.

Emoji One was born as a unique emoji set, independent from a specific device or large company, and was made available for any company or individual to license. The all-new 2016 Collection ensures that Emoji One’s emoji set is the best-looking emoji art you’ll find available today.

How do I integrate Emoij One into my app or web-site?

Setup requires the installation of our development kit. Instructions are available within the kit. In short, there is a client side and server side option available. We recommend the assistance of a programmer and/or server administrator to properly configure it to your needs. There’s also a simpler implementation available for those who want to add some emoji to their website without using any scripts. Please head over to our Developers Page for more information.

Can I create products using your emoji?

Absolutely! As long as you follow our license/attribution requirements, you can use them to create any products you can think of.

To see our recommended attribution guides, please see our licensing page. If your product is rather large and unique, and you’re looking for a more custom license without the attribution requirements, please contact us with your proposal to see what can be worked out.

Can I use Emoji One in my online videos?

Definitely! As long as you follow our attribution requirements, you can use our emoji in any online videos you create (such as Youtube).

Our licensing page has some general suggestions for how to properly give attribution credit in your online videos.

Is it okay to implement your emoji into an app or browser plug-in?

Absolutely. As long as you follow the license terms, you are free to add them to any projects you wish. These include browser plugins, apps, websites, forums, blogs, and more.

Can I use Emoji One on my social media pages?

Definitely! If they’re for personal (or other non-commercial) use, no attribution or links are required. Commercial-related accounts must post attribution, or contact us to work out a separate, custom license.

How much does Emoji One cost to license?

The use of our emoji are 100% free (with proper attribution) for any purpose under a “Free Culture” Creative Commons license. The attribution requirement is understandably complicated (or impossible) for certain digital or non-digital integrations. In certain cases (such as licensing without attribution), a custom paid license is required for legal use of our emoji. Read more about this in the Licensing section.

Is attribution required for non-commercial projects?

Although we always appreciate some love and a shout out, we have waived our attribution requirement for all personal, non-commercial, and non-profit projects.

What if I can’t meet the attribution requirements?

If there’s some reason that you can’t work within the attribution requirement guidelines, please contact us directly to see about the possibility of putting together a separate, custom license. Please note that this type of license is considerably more work for us, so we generally stick to those deals that are unique and interesting, or those that will get Emoji One more exposure than usual.

How does Emoji One make money?

Money will never be our motivation, and to answer the question, we’ve made none (as of Nov 17, 2015). This project is funded through other company ventures and a small group of investors. Long term, we do have a plan to bring in revenue through apps and licensing. We started this as a hobby, and long term, we’d love to generate positive cash flow. But if we don’t, that’ll be just fine as well.

Who determines which emoji are included in the set?

Most people believe Apple is in charge of determining what pictographs are included; however it’s actually a non-profit organization called the Unicode Consortium. Unicode is a collaborative effort from many emoji developers/influencers including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and even your beloved Emoji One!

How often will new emoji be released or updated?

Our 2016 Collection is an entire relaunch of our emoji collection with all-new graphics across the board. Going forward, we will offer quarterly seasonal updates based on updated standards and user feedback.

Does Emoji One create custom emoji (as a service or otherwise)?

Unfortunately not just yet. We currently strive to stick to the official emoji options that are approved by the Unicode Consortium, but we are looking into options for the future that would allow us to expand our line at some point.

When did Emoji One launch?

Our original set launched on September 11th, 2014.

The 2016 Collection launched on November 17th, 2015 with an entirely new set of emoji artwork. This update brought us up to date with the latest emoji standards, improved the quality tremendously, and has us positioned to stay ahead of the pack going forward as the most agile, nimble, and modern emoji set available.

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